Chestnut season!

What a wonderful bounty! Chestnuts are falling by the dozen. We literally picked about 3 dozen last time we took Max (our dog) for a walk. Such a lovely season, autumn. Beautiful colors, lovely temperatures and free food!

Don’t worry, we are only taking the big ones, we are leaving the small and medium sized for the squirrels and deer. Though I must say the squirrels do seem to prefer the walnuts, it was like being in an air-raid this morning when I let Olly out of her roost (our chicken). A squirrel was throwing walnuts down so hard, from the huge walnut tree aboveboard her run, that it was actually quite frightening. Poor Olly ran straight back in her roost for protection until the raid was over.

imageNow I just need to figure out how to roast them properly, without lighting a fire. Still a little warm outside for that. I tried a few at 400 F laid out on a baking tray, having slit an X throughout the skin, for 20 minutes. They were ok, but not as I remember them. “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” so the song goes. I remember the little street stalls in November and December in Manchester and London, England. Sprinkled with a little sea salt or salted butter. Yum!

I’ll give it another shot soon, this time sprinkling them with water before roasting. Supposed to help steam the shells open. Lets see….anyone tried this? Please let me know.

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