Hay Feeders

So, today’s problem is not with chestnuts, but with a very large horse and his tendency to spread hay everywhere and therefore waste a lot of it! As a culmination of various research done online, I decided a trip to Tractor Supply and to a stockist of the HayHut was in order.

The HayHut seems the simplest, all-in-one option, I’m just not sure how a 17, 2 Hands horse will deal with putting his head in a pretty little opening.


Max and I went out to see one in use today – by three miniature donkeys – so cute, but a fraction of Blaze’s size.

Tractor supply sell the regular open hay feeders as shown:

img_0261But then you have the problem of protecting the hay from the elements, which also wastes hay, so a cover must be purchased separately. For example, the best I have found so far (but that are of course currently out of stock!) are by buck innovations:

At least it seems to work I need the snow….

Both options end up being around the same price.

Any suggestions??

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