Animal landscaping

Before actually moving here we built a stable block and fenced in two paddocks so our horse could move at the same time we did. Unfortunately the paddocks looked like this when we arrived in August:

Little to no grass and a lot of weeds. Actually in August some of the weeds were over 5 feet high! I had to machete them back!!

Since then, I have done lots of research into suitable grass for horses in this area and finally getting 4 hugely different quotes from different landscaping teams (I mean literally ranging from $2,500 to over $10,000!) If you are in the habit of just accepting the first, or even the second quote- don’t! It can certainly take time getting coordinated with 4 different folks and then waiting for the quotes to come back in, but this is the second time since moving here that it has saved us a whole heap of cash. It’s worth the wait.

Autumn is the best time to sow grass seed, so it was graded, fertilized and reseeded in September and look at it now:

img_0283Yay! He will so happy when he can’t go back in. We are expecting  rain tomorrow and Saturday, which will help it become a bit more lush, then I think I’ll let him in. Photos of that soon then….Still waiting for his hay hut to be delivered. That should be here next week too.

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