Our rescue chicken, Olly!


Now this is a chicken with a story to tell. She just appeared in our back yard one afternoon in September 2015. Now at that time we were living in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. We did, however, have a nice half acre fenced in back yard, which she was somehow getting in and out of. She would appear mid-afternoon, wander around for a couple of hours, then disappear again, only to return the next day.

If you use the NextDoor app you’ll know it can be quite useful for things like this. There were multiple posts of sightings of this chicken, all within a one block radius of our house. This went on for a couple of weeks and nobody claimed her, so, before the coyotes started appearing (usually November time) we decided to (a) build her a roost and (b) figure out how she was getting in and out of the back garden and block it off.

Having achieved both those goals, within an hour Olly laid an egg in her still bare, used-to-be-a-tea-chest roost and, as she could no longer go wandering outside, was quite content to call our half acre home.

It was weeks later we discovered that around the time she first appeared, a poultry truck had turned over on the highway about 1 1/2 miles from our house. Hundreds of chickens escaped, but she’s the only one I heard of that made it across the “ghetto” without ending up in a pot!

Now she did have to run for her life the first few times our Labrador came out into the yard. Fortunately at the time, he had a broken leg and the matching “cone” on his head so he was somewhat slower than normal. She soon had him figured out though. By the third time he came out, she ran to his side and stuck to him like glue. Like most dogs, if you run, they’ll chase you and vice versa. Who’d have known a chicken could figure that out? Like I said, she’s a bit special.

And don’t get me started on the eggs! Beautiful big brown eggs with yolks so large and densely orange, if all you’ve ever had are regular supermarket eggs, you will be in for a real treat.

Even before Olly, we would only ever buy organic free range eggs as they are hugely different to “the others”. Hugely different in price too, I know. Maybe that in itself should tell you they must be worth it!? The first time our son, then about 4, was given a regular egg at a friend’s house, he looked at and turned to me and whispered, “Mommy, this is not a good egg.” Bless!

Just like organic versus non-organic produce and meat products, the organic version is SO much better for you. Higher in nutrients, up to 50% more! No added hormones, no GMO, no anti-biotics, no added anything! Just how nature intended. Isn’t that what we should be eating?


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