Cookie time!

There’s just something about the leaves falling and the wind blowing, temperatures dropping, that just makes me want to bake. And paint, for some reason, but more on that another day…

After a browse through our rather extensive pantry, having recently closed a restaurant, I decide upon ingredients. Oats – slow energy release, great for cold days; walnuts – high in omega 3s and anti-inflammotories; chocolate chips (organic, semi-sweet) – high in iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. And all Yummy too!

Now for a recipe. If I cannot find one in one of our many cookbooks I often turn to, which is where I found this beauty. (Search for Chewy Oatmeal Choc Chip Cookie.) I should add that the majority of our cookbooks are still in boxes from the move, so I was deprived the joy of flicking through their pages. I do miss doing that though.

I usually adapt a little depending on available ingredients and just my personal preference, so on this one I used all raw brown sugar, no salt and our dear Olly’s organic free range eggs. As you can see from the photos, they looked and tasted fantastic!

After delivering a few to our neighbors, eating a few (every two hours!) we are now transporting the rest to a JDRF walk in New York to feed to the walkers. Well, to the ones we are there to support anyway:-) (JDRF was formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Its name is no longer an acronym.)

My step daughter has type 1 diabetes and is organizing this particular walk. It’s a tough road, particularly if you’ve had it since you were a child, as she has. Maybe cookies are not the right food for her as a regular part of her diet, but treats that are healthy or use alternatives to sugar, such as honey, molasses, date sugar, etc. are just as delicious. The cookies I made are so cram packed full of oats and walnuts that she could have one as a  controlled treat. It’s all a matter of moderation, as it should be for all of us.


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