Fox-proofing a chicken run

I honestly never thought I’d be concerned about how to fox proof a chicken run, but then I never imagined I’d be adopted by a chicken!

When we moved to PA 2 months ago, all our neighbors were warning us that we’d have to bury fencing 18″ in the ground or else the foxes would dig under it and eat our little chicken. Well that seemed like a mammoth task for just one chicken, so I did some further research and it seems that in the U.K. and in Australia people are having success with creating a “skirt” around the run, instead of digging trenches and burying fencing. It would seem that foxes either get confused that they can’t dig right at the fence, or it’s just too much effort to dig and tunnel under the skirt.

You can use any kind of metal netting, chicken wire, hardware cloth (as shown) and you don’t require anything more elaborate than cable ties to join it to the fence.

You can see our fence is chicken wire and the skirt is what they call hardware cloth. Metal square netting, tougher than chicken wire. Just 2 feet wide, bend it so about 6″ goes vertically along the fence and 18″ goes horizontally across the ground.

Extra logs and stones help weigh the skirt down and add an extra layer of deterrent. So far, so good!

Of course, Olly also has Blaze watching our for her – a 17,2HH ex-racehorse. Not many foxes are going to be messing with him!

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