Baking disaster


So, this is how my first cake for my son’s new school Fall Festival turned out:-( It tasted absolutely divine, and it had a whole bottle of maple syrup, 4 free range Olly eggs, Kerrygold butter and over a cup of walnuts in it. About $15 just in ingredients! Not to mention time….but alas, despite having diligently buttered and floured the bundt pan, it stuck. Good and proper. Half of it fell out leaving the other half attached to the pan. So disappointed.

After eating a few handfuls (it tasted SO good!) while deciding what to do with it and what to do about the promised cake for the Bake Sale, I eventually scooped out the rest and split the pieces into three ziplock bags, as shown, and put them in the freezer.

My husband and I do this lovely dessert that I’m sure I could use it for, or an unusual trifle base. The dessert is layered in a sundae or martini glass, the first layer being some kind of sponge (pound) cake soaked in alcohol (usually we do vanilla pound cake in limoncello, but I’m thinking with the maple walnut it may be better to use brandy or whisky.) The next is a creamy Devon custard, followed by a layer of real whipped cream (not CoolWhip), finally sprinkled with a few nut pieces or chocolate shavings. You can mix it up by adding a fruit layer, or whatever you like. Next time I make one I’ll post pictures, but it is fairly straightforward and people LOVE it!

As for the second part of the decision, what to do about the cake I’d promised for the Bake Sale the following morning. I slipped back into old routines and whipped up a gluten free chocolate cake with royal icing, decorated by my son as he felt sorry for my previous disaster:

img_0294Would you believe it was the first cake that sold?  Yippee! Maybe old habits aren’t so bad after all.

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