Horse treats, aka worming paste disguise!

To get this guy to take his worming paste can be a long drawn out battle of wills, which I always win in the end, but gosh, it can take a while. He’s not nasty about it, he just doesn’t like the taste (regular -yuck! Or apple, which he’s also not keen on). I do wish they’d make a carrot flavor, that’s his absolute fave. Anyway, all he has to do is lift his head up and it’s like trying to squirt a syringe into a giraffe’s mouth! I’m not a midget, but I’m not that tall either.

So I decided to try another approach. I made some treat balls out of rolled oats, molasses, honey and wheat flour. Once they were ready, I pressed a small knife tip into the side of 6 of them, enough to make a hollow into which I could insert some of the worming paste. Then I squeezed the hole shut again.

He wasn’t completely sure, gave them a real good sniff before trying one and then spat the first one out! I picked it up and tried again, turned out he just wanted to bite it in half, with me holding it, then he ate all 6 that way. Yay, success!! And still treats left for another day (without medicine).

Here’s the general idea of the recipe. I have to admit to not measuring anything when making this kind of thing:

Preheat oven to 350F.

Half fill a large mixing bowl with rolled oats. Add molasses and mix in well, till oats all look darker. If you’d using really thick molasses you may want to add some hot water to help mix it in. Add a tablespoon or two of honey. Add about a cup of wheat flour, or enough so that when it’s all mixed together it’s doughy enough for you to make little round balls with.

Cover a baking sheet with parchment and lay out your rolled balls. Mine were about 1 to 1 1/2 inches diameter and took 15 minutes to cook. I have done larger ones in the past and left them in for 30.

Here’s to happy horses!

And maybe an idea for Christmas for those horsie friends…


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