New to bird-watching

So, I never really considered bird watching would be “my thing”. Still not sure, but there certainly are some beautiful birds around here. We have a huge golden brown owl, which I have yet to get a photo of. I’ve seen him a few times flying between the woods and the stable area. A little worried for our chicken, but so far she’s been fine. Tons of hawks and other birds of prey (see how my bird knowledge is rather limited:-) Plus lots and lots of smaller birds with beautiful colors – yellow, blue and red particularly.

My usual form of bird-watching tends to take place either while dog-walking or while sitting in our breakfast room which looks out on the back garden. Sometimes there are dozens of them flying back and forth, diving into the rain-filled feed bowls on the patio (horse size, but they love them!) having a grand old time. It’s like a scene straight out of a Peter’s Rabbit story.

We do have a huge blue heron who also passes by now and then, trying to catch our fish, but fortunately for them they have a very deep pool.

Last time we took our gorgeous English Labrador, Max, for a walk through the woods at the rear of our property, we saw this handsome little fellow:

As you can see, he was perched on a very low branch, maybe 2 feet off the ground, and sat so still. We were only a few feet away from him, my son, Max and I and had stopped to chat about something. I noticed the cardinal behind my son’s shoulder. He had not moved an inch while we’d stood there chatting. Concerned for his welfare now we approached slowly, talking softly to him, hoping he wasn’t injured, but having to check anyway. He barely moved as we approached, just his head turned ever so slightly. Then, at the last second, he flew off and we all heaved a sigh of relief. Max included:

img_0308 My son and I got a huge kick out of seeing a red cardinal up so close though. Time to get the binoculars out again, I think….


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