True burn story – this will have you hooked!

Despite being married to a Doctor, medicines have always been a last resort for me. I will try anything before going to my GP. So it will be no surprise that I have a healthy stash of essential oils.

My absolute all time favorite has to be lavender and I will tell you why. You may have gathered we used to own a couple of restaurants and I was always getting small burns on my hands and forearms, but nothing major so I didn’t bother about them. The scars would go eventually.

Then, one evening we had a bunch of guests for dinner at home. It was all stops out in the kitchen. Modernist cuisine, which my husband has just started really getting into. Dinner was great, guests stayed and chatted into the small hours. A lovely evening.

Just as guests left, we went to clear up the worst in the kitchen. The stove had been off for a long time now (or so we thought) so everything should have been stone cold. I went to pick up the cast iron skillet from the stove top and nearly screamed as it stuck to my hand – the gas had been left on really really low, but all evening so the handle was red hot.  I literally threw it off my hand against the wall. Stuck my hand under the cold tap for I don’t know how long. Long enough for me to weigh up my options. This was a serious burn, affectiñg my thumb, palm and first two fingers. If I did not get treatment there would be serious scarring at the very least. Blistering, peeling, red rawness…..ugh! Even with it under freezing cold water it was throbbing.

There in front of me, on the kitchen windowsill, was this little blue bottle. Unopened. Organic Essential Oil of Lavender. I had read a lot about it being used to treat burns, but hadn’t actually put it to the test. Well here was my chance. (UK Dr’s in Afghanistan use it to treat gunshot burns!)

imageI opened that bottle and literally poured it over my hand. The searing pain was gone, immediately! Of course about 10 minutes later it was back, so I did it again. This time it was maybe 20-25 minutes and this time the pain was significantly less. I applied it twice more before going to sleep. Each time the gap between applications was longer and the pain when it returned was less. The fact that I could go to sleep at all was a testament to its effectiveness.

The next morning when I looked at my hand in daylight, you would have not known anything had happened. Not a mark! No redness, no blistering, no soreness anywhere. A miracle!

I should add that lavender oil is one of the few essential oils that you can apply undiluted. Most oils you need to dilute in a carrier oil or the oil itself could actually burn your skin.

Now I always keep a bottle of lavender oil to hand in the kitchen. And have since found many other interesting uses for it too, but more on that another day.

I still insist on Neals Yard because they are such an ethical company. They work hard to protect people, the planet and animals and that is important. Click here to find out more about their ethics

Their lavender is sourced only from France, the Provence region, which is famous for its high quality lavender. Just like wine, the plant must have exactly the right climate, soil and tending to in order to produce the highest quality oil. NYR have been doing this for over 35 years. I trust them to know their stuff, and I have personally used their products for over 25 years.

You can purchase this exact same oil by clicking here.

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