Home gym

I guess if you’re lucky you get allocated a small spare room in the house to be the home gym. Unfortunately we get sufficient amounts of visitor service to use up all our spare rooms as guest rooms, so the gym is allocated to a portion of the basement.

We do only have a Bowflex total gym system and a Treadmill, so really only two things. Just quite large things.

It keeps surprising me how many things overlap in uses on a “homestead”. I took some considerable time reading up on the various flooring options suitable for (a) a home gym, (b) a basement and (c) an area that would only be walled on two sides, therefore movement could potentially be an issue.

As it turns out the best option by far are stall mats! Designed for horse stalls, they are 4×6′, 3/4 inch thick rubber mats, built to withstand the stomping of 1200lb hooves. These things weigh over 100lbs each, but cost only $40! Moving them into a basement was no joke, but once they’re down, they’re not going anywhere. We have yet to test them in use, but I read report after report of how they never dent no matter what you drop on them. Plus if you need to cut a hole in one, to bolt something to the ground for instance, a jigsaw will easily do the trick.

I have never used them in horse stalls, always stuck to the natural ground covered with sawdust, shavings and straw, but I can see how they could be useful particularly in uneven or stony ground.

Not the the best photo in the world, but you get the idea. Floor looks great!

Now to set up a diffuser with Focus for when he’s using the gym – uplifting, revitalizing, and Cleanse for when he’s done – get rid of those stale sweaty smells and purify the air.

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