Finally made the Chrysanthemum tea!


It really did not take long at all. The hardest part was drying out the flowers. I placed them in a shallow dish on the window sill in the kitchen, which happens to get a lot of sun. It took 2 or 3 days before they were completely dry.

Then for the fun part. Put the kettle on, let it boil, then turn it off and leave it for a couple of minutes before gently pouring over the flowers. Too hot and/or too vigorous and you could destroy the delicate petals.

Let the tea steep for a few minutes, to your liking. You should see a lovely golden yellow colour in the water. The darker it gets, the stronger the flavour. Once it is ready, carefully remove the flowers. I just used a teaspoon as shown. You can use the same flowers again, three or four times in succession.

Add honey or other sweetener if desired. I actually found it didn’t need any. It’s a light floral, green-tea kind of flavour. Definitely on my list know as a DIY healthy “tea”. I’m counting on the proclaimed eye focus benefits, though there are many others too, mainly to do with blood pressure and related issues.


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