First fire of the season

When we cleared the paddock earlier this summer, the only tree we had to fell was an old black walnut. We just got the wood split to use this winter in the 6 fireplaces throughout the house. I’ve been itching to get one going since autumn began, but it had just not been cold enough.

It seems like the proximity of the moon last night (17,000 miles closer to earth than the average – last occurred in 1948!) may have had something to do with the turn in the weather. All the tidal effects of the moon maybe….I don’t know, but it certainly took a dip in temperatures today, so I got that fire stoked up this morning.

Supposed to be 30% brighter than usual and a little larger to the naked eye, the moon was certainly glowing last night. We could not see one single star, but the moon was a bright white orb. It certainly did look bewitchingly bigger than normal.

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