First knitting project


My son picked this delightful orange yarn on our last trip to England in the summer. I promised him a scarf for winter(!)

So, I should probably have used larger needles and/or a looser stitch. Doing it this way was taking me forever, hence the adaptation from scarf to snood:-) It turned out just as well though. In fact, for a young boy running around all over the place, it will stay in place much better than a scarf.

We have been having some nice crisp, frosty mornings lately, so I dressed him up in it to take our dog for a walk. Voila! (A) it worked, kept him warm, stayed in place with no fuss, and (B) he likes it!!

I did try “embossing” his initial on the side (just in case anyone else at school had a bright orange snood!)

The experience did encourage me to knit a few little bookmarks for Christmas stocking stuffers/teacher gifts. I think they’ll work out quite nicely too.

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