To molt or not to molt….

img_0277Little Miss Olly gave me a scare the other day. I went to check on her and throw her some veggie scraps, but she was nowhere to be seen. She has a 20ft square run and a coop, but really not that many places to hide. She’s usually in her “bedroom” or in her “run-in” and when she sees someone, she thinks “treats” and comes running and clucking!

This time, nothing. No sign of her. No sound of her little cluck clucks. And when I got to the coop, there were feathers strewn everywhere!

Now I was worried a hawk may have got her, as I was this close and still no sign. I then actually stuck my head inside her little bedroom area and there she was! She must have been fast asleep; most unlike her in the middle of the day, but thank goodness. I didn’t know what I would have said to our 8 year old son who absolutely adores this chicken!

Her run is right under a great big black walnut tree, so in theory it would be difficult for a hawk to swoop in and get her, but you never know…plus parts of it are completely covered, but not all.

So now I’m wondering about all the feathers – was she going to start molting? Now? She did it last Christmas time, but we were in Alabama. Now we’re in Pennsylvania and it’s getting really cold right now. NOT a good time to be losing all your feathers! I gathered up the clean ones that I found on the ground and put them in amongst the straw of her bedding. Hopefully that will help keep her warmer if she does molt; I’ll just keep adding to it. They are super soft, but my fingers are crossed that if she does molt, it’s just a small one. Maybe she just had an itch that day? We can hope.


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