Getting ready for the first snow

We are due our first snow of the winter on Saturday, so I spent an hour or so this morning gathering kindling and sawing the larger branches (1-3″ diameter) into fire sized pieces.

Yes, I actually hand sawed the branches myself! In lieu of the gym today, LOL. Aiming to be strong enough to split the logs myself next year.

The black walnut tree we have split for logs is such a beautiful colour – a real reddish, almost purple swathe in it, but as it is a hard wood it needs a really good base to get it going. Once it is going, however, it will burn a luscious, long, HOT fire. As opposed to pine, which will get going really quickly, but also burns itself out pretty fast too.

It does almost seem a shame to burn the walnut though and not make a piece of furniture out of it. But needs must….it certainly saves on our heating bills having the fire going.

And now, for a little Christmas humour from across the pond. A recent conversation between my mother (M) and my Grandmother (GG), who is rather deaf at the grand old age of 93! The discussion is about Fred, GG’s 94 year old boyfriend. Made us chuckle.

M: Fred has told Cath he is going to Dianne’s on the 19th.
GG: when?
M: 19th December
M: For Christmas I presume.
GG: well how does he know he is going to die on the 19th?

Bless her xx


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