First snow came early!

We were expecting snow on Saturday, hence the sawing of logs yesterday. However, when we woke this morning there was a light covering of white over everything.

The horse was very confused. He’d been closed in the stable overnight, so had not noticed the snow, but when the top stable door was opened this morning, there were lots of snorts and head tossing. He was dying to get out in it, but wouldn’t stand still to have his outdoor blanket on, so I had to leave him in a while to calm down as it was only going to get colder throughout the day and he has a true thoroughbred’s coat – thin and silky.

After school drop off I went back to him, by which time he’d realised that he needed to stick his nose in the halter in order to get where he wanted to go. He’s not completely without brains. Unfortunately the new blanket system – Rambo Duo – is quite complex and very heavy, so it took me longer than usual to get him dressed. He does look very handsome though – and totally warm!

Note the special Christmas colours! 12 days of Christmas special. We managed to get one of only 3 that they had in his size, at half price for December 12th only. It is quite the blanket too – by Horseware, Ireland, currently celebrating 30 years of business. It comes in three pieces and you can mix and match as suits. There’s a quilted under blanket, that could be used on its own as a stable blanket. Then there’s the waterproof top blanket, which can be used with or without the quilted underblanket. Finally there’s the neck “rug”, which is detachable. The fasteners are extraordinary – 3 surcingles instead of the usual 2; Various pieces of double wrapped velcro.  Double snap clips at the front. This thing should never come off! Plus a 3 year warranty – can’t beat that. It even has its very own unique ID number; just like a Louis Vuitton bag!!

Little Miss Olly was also a little confused by the white stuff on the ground and has spent most of the day in her roost. It has been very windy though and chickens do not like their feathers getting blown about. I did manage to get some petroleum jelly on her cocks-comb this morning though. Again, to her initial surprise, but once she realised I wasn’t hurting her, she was totally fine and I got to feel her temperature too. She really was quite warm, despite the 23 degree temperature. Amazing how they can adapt so quickly.

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