One of my favourite things about Christmas time is ginger bread, or anything with nutmeg in it! I have not made any for years though, so when I signed up to bake something as a thank you to the teaching staff at our son’s new school I figured I would give it a try.

I think I probably picked one of the more complicated recipes – from The Craft Of Baking by Karen DeMasco and Mindy Fox, but it was so worth it.

Real crystallised ginger gives it that warm kick. For me, you could skip the long list of spices and just use All Spice plus extra ginger powder and nutmeg if you like. Plus I did not use all the liquid the recipe called for – in fact I had enough of that to make two loaves with! Which turned out to be a good thing, so I could cut real thick slices and halve them to get 24, one for each staff member.

Dropped off the two plates with a box of coffee for them in the morning. Merry Christmas Teachers!


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